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A life in music
Lol Coxhill solo performance with jean Tinguely sound machine. MOMA Vienna. 1983.
Photo: with Tinguely sound machine
MOMA Vienna 1985
Lol with nose buried in electronics. 1992.
Lol Coxhill photograph: London Musicians Collective. 2004
Lol at Red Rose Club, London by Graham Burnett
Lol and Veryan Weston Lol and Lu Edmonds, 2002 - photo by Maddie

"Lol Coxhill [has] total openness to explore radically new directions as and when they present themselves..." - Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine
Soprano, sopranino and other saxophones, voice, composition, minimal electronics

Lol with sopraninoPhoto: unknown photographer

"There are very few versatile artists that hold the importance Lol Coxhill has in European improvised music. His highly personal style on soprano and tenor saxophone (fluent, lyrical yet capable of shrieking outbursts), his ability to perform with everyone and in every style, from jazz standards to the weirdest electro-acoustic improv, backed by his enduring sense of humor, all draw the figure of a maverick musician." - François Couture, All Music Guide

"Soprano sax maverick Coxhill is a musician who's touched on nearly every area of music over the past half century. In the '60s he jacked in his day job to accompany soul singers like Rufus Thomas. He'd sit in with bluesmen like Alexis Korner and Champion Jack Dupree. He was signed to John Peel's label Dandelion and played bebop with the likes of Bobby Wellins and Stan Tracey, prog rock with Steve Miller and Kevin Ayers, and dabbled in ska and rocksteady with Rico Rodriquez and Jazz Jamaica. In 1977 he even toured with the Damned.

In the last decade I've seen him play with assorted avant jazzers, drone rockers and electronic mavericks. I've seen him busking near the Thames, and seen his old LPs selling for $100 in New York record shops. And I've also heard him playing beautiful, straight versions of standards....

A true national treasure and a top geezer.' - John Lewis, Time Out