One guy.

One reckless act changed her world forever…..

My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect, that it was okay to loosen up and have a little fun in life, and that it was okay to fall in love.

My life as I knew it ended on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that giving my heart to someone completely was the most dangerous thing I could ever do, and that the perfect world I was living in didn’t matter anymore without him in it.

But the most important lesson that he taught me? A broken heart turns into a reckless one, and what we feel inside that heart at one particular moment can set our destiny, making us a stronger person, a weaker person, or leading us into a darkness from which we can never escape.

2 stars!
This book blurb is awesome. The reviews for it are awesome. And since I’ve read books from this author before and liked them, I know this author is awesome. Unfortunately, this book was not. In fact, I wish I could rewind time and take back the few hours I spent on reading this book. If you are in the mood for a story that is on the surface, lacks depth and quality, and has twists & revelations that are totally out of the blue and are there for shock purposes only, here’s your next read! The premise is a solid one (can’t give it away without spoiling the storyline) but falls flat because of the underdeveloped plot and book structure.
Twenty-one year old Becca Keeton is a sheltered and shy college senior returning home for the summer. Having grown up in a family with overprotective parents and a wild younger brother, her parents’ hopes and dreams are always pinned on her and so she never stops striving for perfection in school, leaving her zero time for a social life. At a party her best friend invites her to, she meets Drew Bryant and they’re both immediately attracted to each other. To the dismay of Becca’s parents, she gets in a relationship with Drew and spends most of the summer with him when she’s not busy with schoolwork. To Becca, Drew is THE ONE.
But for Drew his feelings were a little ambiguous. It was obvious he was hiding a gigantic secret from Becca and even though he cared for her, he also held up a wall between them at all times.
At this point, I was thoroughly bored with the book. Up to 40% into the story and I can tell you exactly what happens: have sex, eat, work and repeat. Then around the halfway mark, a plot twist finally happens. And let me tell you, this will be the make or break for you. You will either love it or hate it depending on your interpretation of the story. For me, I fell in the “I hate this plot twist” category, not necessarily because it was a bad one, but because the author didn’t do it justice IMO. She threw the twist at me then immediately jumped into a 6 year gap. Where’s the detail? Where’s the emotion? Then I’m treated to past/present POVs inserted randomly into the second half of the book. Those were great, and I liked seeing Drew’s POV but it didn’t add to the story, just took up book space that could’ve been used to describe the twist more.
Lastly, the final 20% of the book was a big block of cheese with a side of cheese puffs. In the context of the book, it was completely unrealistic and that epilogue? *shakes head* If the author’s goal was to strive for a 100% perfect, cookie-cut happy ending, well she accomplished it. However, I find it ironic to have her characters – especially Becca – go through what she did and send out the message that it’s ok to not be perfect, to have physical flaws and still be able to live a good life, only to squash that message by serving up a ridiculously cheesy epilogue.
All in all, this book was not for me. If you want a quick & predictable read to pass your time with, by all means this book can meet those requirements. But for me, I want epic. I want books that emotionally consume me and though I thought this book could do that based off the blurb, it didn’t.