The day started like every other day…
Bianca London finds herself kidnapped and locked up in a van with a strange man. Ten hours later, they’re dumped on a deserted island. Bianca has no idea what’s going on and her attraction to this stranger is the only thing keeping her fear at bay.
Jakob Bradley wants only to figure out why they’ve been left on the island and how they can get off. But as the days go by, he can’t ignore his growing fascination with Bianca.
In order to survive, Bianca and Jakob must figure out how they’re connected, but as they grow closer, secrets are revealed that may destroy everything they thought they knew about each other.

I’m not familiar with this author’s work so I had no idea what to expect but judging from the blurb I had hoped it would be good. While the premise itself is an intriguing one, the execution fell below ground zero for me and for most of the book I was so frustrated I made mad cow sounds because of the idiotic heroine and the plot that seemed to run in circles. As for the ending, I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but it finally made the book much more interesting. The only positive thing I have to say is that the suspense and desire to know the mastermind behind the hero & heroine’s kidnapping is what made this story a page-turner; all the other parts I had to force myself to finish.

The heroine Bianca is convinced her mother’s death wasn’t just an accident and armed with papers her late father left her, seeks out answers that lead her all the way to the elusive owner of one of the most powerful business corporations in the country. But before she can confront him, she gets kidnapped and taken to a remote island with another guy, the hero Jakob. Not knowing who he is, where they are, and why they’re there, Bianca reluctantly teams up with Jakob to get off the island and find the mastermind behind their kidnapping, all the while being ridiculously attracted to him.
Like I said before, this book was a real page turner because the suspense was solid. Other than that, however, everything else fell flat…starting with the awful heroine and her best friend. Literally every other page I could pick on something they did or say that drove me bonkers, whether it was Bianca’s terrible survival skills, her completely unnecessary spouting of random & useless movie facts, or both of their stupid commentary.
Here are but a few examples (spoiler-free quotes):
“It’s so pretty here. Whoever kidnapped us all really chose a beautiful spot.”

Isn’t the kidnapper so considerate? *rolls eyes*

“My dearest Rosie (Bianca’s best friend), you don’t know me yet, but I very much want to know you. Accept this gift as a token of my friendship.
Who’s it from?
Who knows?…Who cares? I just got a bracelet from Tiffany’s.”


“You seem like you’d have a lot of ladies.
Why would you think that?
You’re so handsome. And you’re rich.”

^I need a drink.

“Let me get this straight. You told your ex-boyfriend that your father created multiple products that made his family company one of the largest corporations in the world. And then you told him you were doing research on said company, and you expected that he’d be cool with that?”

^Finally a voice of reason. At this point I just wanted to punch Bianca in the face and call it a day.

Now for the hero. I think he could almost be the saving grace of this book, except he has terrible taste in women. And by women I mean Bianca.
If she really is his match in everything, then good luck and good fortune to them both.
As for the plot, it was pretty obvious what Jakob’s role was in the whole kidnapping scheme. If the blatant clues dropped in the story don’t give it away, then the blurb for this book does (see his last name).
I will rarely rate books 1 star even if it was terrible to the point I wanted to DNF multiple times but my rationale is if the writing was solid I can give 2 stars. Sadly, not even the writing in this book is worth giving it a shot. The quotes I pulled for my graphics are the best of the crop and even that is a little amateur. I’m a reader who fully utilizes the highlight function on my iPad and normally I’d be highlighting quotes – funny, breathtaking, beautiful quotes – from left to right but in this book, I had more quotes that annoyed the crap out of me than ones that stirred any positive emotion. Maybe for longtime fans of this author, this book will be a smashing hit but for likeminded readers, perhaps it is best to skip this one, or at least until the second one releases since this first one ends on a massive cliffhanger.
Illusion is book 1 in the Swept Away series and not a standalone. There is giant cliffy at the end and the story will continue on in book 2 Disillusioned.
ARC provided by Gallery Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.