My brother used a bitcoin trader app at our last family reunion, and everyone has been asking him how to get into bitcoin ever since that day. He told them about all of the money he made from it, and everyone instantly had visions of dollar signs and dreams of being on top of big piles of money. I tried to tell them that it may not be as easy to make money as my brother did, as he had the right timing, but they didn’t care, because they wanted to use the app.

Out of my family members who started trading, only a few of them actually made any money. Some of them couldn’t figure out how to buy or sell anything, and the ones that did didn’t do it at the right times, so they lost money. They were mad with my brother because they lost money, but it wasn’t exactly his fault. I tried to tell them, but they didn’t want to listen. The ones who did make money from bitcoin trading were glad. One of my uncles who used the app bought a new car with a purple paint job and a sunroof. It looks a bit gaudy to me, but I’m not the one driving it.

I’ve made some money from the same app that my brother uses, but I don’t trade as much because I don’t pay that much attention to how the bitcoin prices are doing. I don’t mind being a little less involved when it comes to trading, because it gives me a chance to miss some of the moments when the prices aren’t at their most desirable points. My brother will keep his eyes glued to the market as much as he can. I bet if he could watch the market in his sleep, he would.