Of course it is an easy job that I have. The boss got me out of the cubicles for his own reasons, but I guess that I am really gaining his confidence. In fact this is not that all that relevant, what the company paid me to do when I started is not in any way related to the work that I do now. For example I had to find a latina escort in Salt Lake City, Utah about a week ago. As I understood it the usual reason that you get an escort was not exactly applicable. Instead the boss wanted a girl who could pass for his girlfriend at the wedding of a girl that he used to date about ten years ago. The weird thing is that he has a real girlfriend, a girl who is whiter than most of the people in Park City, Utah. That was where the wedding turned out to be. I got to go snowboarding there and I ended up at this insanely wild party.

I am not sure how it happened exactly, but I ended up passed out in the floor of this cabin. When I got up to try to figure out where I was there were beautiful girls all over the place. One of them walked up and kissed me and asked if I felt better. I tried not to give away the fact that I had no clue who any of them were. They all laughed at me and made me a really hardy breakfast while I realized that all of my clothes reeked of expensive tequila. Of course that explained the blackout, but I started to wonder where I ended up with the girl. Unfortunately for this story I really had not ever closed the deal, but I do have her phone number.